Merry Christmas!

December Newsletter

John writes for December

How big is your footprint? As we walk through life, everyone leaves “footprints” along the way – the people whose lives you touch, for better or worse, the things that you do and the difference that you make.  Some people have giant footprints.  Recently we celebrated the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther.  His life set half of the whole world on a different course.  The reverberations of his walk are still being felt today!

I believe that our shortly-to-be-opened extension will be a part of God increasing our footprint.  He wants us to become more influential, in the town, in the region and also in the spiritual realm.  Our facility will become a hub for a lot more people, many of whom will become a part of our extended family.  Prayers will be prayed in our prayer chapel that change the region and even beyond. I believe that we need to become more flexible as a congregation.  God is not limited to Sunday mornings, and neither should we be.  But He is committed to reach into people’s lives wherever they are at, whatever their interests are, and I believe we should work to do that too.  Our new building gives us a great, new opportunity to reach out and increase our footprint.  Let’s go for it together.


Just a reminder that on Thursday 7th December at 7.30pm is King’s Church’s AGM.  

What will happen?

We will have a brief overview of the different ministries and meetings of the church

We willl present and discuss plans and possibilities for the next 12 months

We will take a look at the church’s finances

We will have an opportunity to discuss and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the past year

We can ask questions about anything we’re unsure of concerning the work or vision of the church

We will also pray together

Who can come?

The meeting is open to all those who are are committed to the King’s Church family.   If there are matters that are voted upon, only those who have signed the “partnership form” are elegible to vote.   New members have an 

opportunity to become partners after they have completed the church values course.    

Why should I come?

This meeting is the “once a year” opportunity for those who are committed to the church to come together to shape our future.   It is an opportunity to get a fuller picture of the work of the church and to hear about its future plans. It is a meeting for listening, asking questions, discussing, evaluating and standing together for the common vision.   As a church leadership, we value your questions, insight, advice and support.   The meeting aims to bring us together into a common vision for the year ahead.   There is no legal liability on those who attend.     

 Any questions?

If you have any questions about the  AGM  – why we have one, what will happen on the night or what is expected of you, please contact John Beynon or Jill Walker.

December Sunday Services

Sunday 3rd      10.30am Communion –  Speaker, Jill Walker

Sunday 10th      10.30am Morning Worship  – Speaker, John Beynon

Sunday 17th      4.00pm Christingle Service

Sunday 24th      10.30am Christmas Service  – Speaker, John Beynon

Upcoming Events

Life Group – meets Tuesdays 1-3pm, contact Jill Walker 

Exploring the Scriptures  –  meets twice monthly. Contact Tim & Julia Waters 01482 633763

Together Group – meets on Wednesday evenings at 7.00pm.  

If you would like to join others to eat together at 5.30pm then please get in touch with Hilary on 07743685386. 

House Group – meets weekly on Thursday evenings, 7.30pm in homes.  Contact Jill Walker for venues 07932 612 533.

Church Values Course – meets weekly on Thursday evenings, 7.30pm at the church.  Contact Jill Walker  07932 612 533.

Gems – Parent & toddler group, meets every Thursday 9.30-11am  – term time only.

Blessings & i2i  – Blessings Group for 4-7 yr olds, monthly on  Fridays 5.00-6.15pm. i2i – Group for 8-11 yr olds, monthly on Fridays 6.30-8.00pm. Please contact the church office for further details.

Church AGM

Thursday 7th December at 7.30pm at King’s Church.

Christingle Service – Sunday 17th December Family Service to invite friends and family.

Christmas Eve Service – Sunday 24th December 10.30-11.30am  Celebrating the true meaning of Christmas!  As there is a service on Christmas Eve, there will be no Christmas Day service.

December Prayer

House of Prayer: The Bible says that we are a House of Prayer. God is wanting to do amazing things amongst us and through us and as we meet to worship and pray together and respond to what the 

Holy Spirit is doing, 

Pray that we will find His heart and come into His purposes more and more. Join us as part of our House of Prayer to worship and pray. Please see Jill Walker for dates of prayer groups.

Prayer Points

Pray for Steve Sleight as he continues in his time of overseas mission with World Horizons. 

Pray for those alone during the Christmas period. Pray that we might show God’s love and help where we can. 

Pray that God would continue to build His Church here at Kings Church – that we would establish His Values, His vision and purposes for us and that He would put the right people in the right place for this next 

season. Pray for the leadership team and worship team as they continue to lead us into God’s presence during our worship times.

Pray as we continue to work on our new building extension.  We pray that the buildings will be a blessing to the church and our community.  Pray that we carry His presence wherever we go and fulfil His purposes 

for us in the communities where He has placed us.