November Newsletter

John writes for November

NEARLY FINISHED!  Yes, I can’t wait to get our new extension finished and open so that I can do something else other than building all the time!  I have really enjoyed doing the building work, and am really happy with the end result, but can’t wait to get my teeth back into building with people instead of with wood, concrete and metal!    We are starting to think and make provisional plans towards opening events in mid January, and should be able to start using the hall ourselves within a couple of weeks.  I would like to say a big thank you once again to all those who have helped move this project towards completion;  those who have volunteered with practical work (we still need more painters please!), those who have given, those who have encouraged, those who have prayed.

It has been a real miracle how the Lord has provided for this project.  I really stand in awe at God and the faithfulness of so many friends who have enabled this project to come to completion.  Just this week the building fund went down to around £300, as we had spent all the money.  Then we had an unexpected gift from an old university friend of mine from Taiwan of £450!   He’s never sent money to the church before, and his gift just came at a very timely moment!  With some other income, the fund is back up to almost £1000 again as I write! 

I reckon that we still need a few thousand pounds to finish the building to the degree that we would like.  It is still daunting, but God is faithful.   He has got us this far, and I am sure that he will take us right to the end of this project. 

Here are some of the items that we still need to buy.

Item Description

Total Cost

Building Regulations Final Payment





Fire Alarm system & emergency lighting




Total Electrical



Internal Link building


Plasterboard 15mm (Walls & Ceiling)


Multifinish Plaster


Celotex insulation for roof & walls (100mm)


Celotex for roof & walls (25mm)




Total Link building




External building items


Sand for pavers (round the back)


Cement for pavers







Internal items


fire extinguishers Foam (6L)


fire extinguishers CO2 (2L)


Camera to show Preacher into the sound-link room


Computer to run the camera & projection system


Close circuit TV system cameras (8 camera)


Flat Screen TV (chapel/toddler room)


Carpet for Chapel  £300 now donated!


Lino for link building


Total Internal items



Grand Total


November Sunday Services

Sunday 5th         10.30am         All Together Service   No evening meeting

Sunday 12th     10.30am           Communion  – Speaker, Jill Walker                                                     

Sunday 19th       10.30am            Morning Worship  – Speaker, Mike Hardy                                                                                            

Sunday 26th       10.30am            Morning Worship  – Speaker, John Beynon

Upcoming events

 Life Group meets Tuesdays 1-3pm, contact Jill Walker

 Exploring the Scriptures  –  meets twice monthly. Contact Tim & Julia Waters 01482 633763

 Together Group – meets on Wednesday evenings at 7.00pm.  If you would like to join others to eat together at 5.30pm then please get in touch with Hilary on 07743685386.

 House Group – meets weekly on Thursday evenings, 7.30pm in homes.  Contact Jill Walker for venues 07932 612 533.

 Church Values Course – meets weekly on Thursday evenings, 7.30pm at the church.  Contact Jill Walker  07932 612 533.

 Gems – Parent & toddler group, meets every Thursday 9.30-11am  – term time only.

 Blessings & i2i  – Blessings Group for 4-7 yr olds, monthly on  Fridays 5.00-6.15pm. i2i – Group for 8-11 yr olds, – monthly on Fridays 6.30-8.00pm. Please contact the church office for further details.

 Pursuing His Presence
Come together with others from across the East Riding to worship, pray, seek God and contend for revival. 1st Friday night of each month, 7.30pm.   1 December  Venue to be arranged

Advance Christmas notices!

Christingle Service – Sunday 17th December

Family Service to invite friends and family to with children’s dress up nativity, carols, fruit punch and mince pies!

Christmas Eve Service – Sunday 24th December 10.30-11.30am 

Celebrating the true meaning of Christmas!  As there is a service on Christmas Eve, there will be no Christmas Day service. 

November Prayer

 House of Prayer: The Bible says that we are a House of Prayer. God is wanting to do amazing things amongst us and through us and as we meet to worship and pray together and respond to what the Holy Spirit is doing, we will find His heart and come into His purposes more and more. Join us as part of our House of Prayer to worship and pray.

Please see Jill Walker for dates of prayer groups.

 Prayer Points

 Pray for Steve Sleight as he comes into a time of overseas mission with World Horizons.

 Ask God for His guidance and wisdom as we seek to move forward in a program of community building and outreach. Pray that we would know God’s heart and have compassion to help those around us.

Pray that God would continue to build His Church here at Kings Church – that we would establish His values, His vision and purposes for us and that He would put the right people in the right place for this next season. Pray for the leadership team and worship team as they continue to lead us into God’s presence during our worship times.

Pray as we continue to work on our new building extension.  We pray that the buildings will be a blessing to the church and our community.  Pray that we carry His presence wherever we go and fulfil His purposes for us in the communities where He has placed us.