Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Last updated 6th January 2021
1) Face Coverings Now Compulsory in Church
According to new government guidelines FACE COVERINGS MUST BE WORN IN CHURCH
Please bring your face covering or visor.  If you don’t have one, we will give you one at the door which can be purchased for a donation of £1 to Jacob’s Well!
Children under 11 and those with breathing difficulties or other exemptions don’t need to wear face coverings.
2) Now that face coverings are worn in church the Chairs will be set out as close to 2m apart as possible, but at least “1m plus apart”. However, if you come in a family bubble, you will be able to sit together with your family.
3)  Signs will encourage everyone to keep at a safe distance from each other.  Ushers will help people to know what to do regarding the safeguards.
4) Hand sanitizer is available for all on entry.
5) We are unable to provide drinks or other refreshments at the moment. 
6) There is a one-way system in place for the toilets.  After using the toilets in the clinic building, please exit via the clinic door rather than returning the normal way.  This is to prevent a bottle neck where you may become too close to someone else in the narrow corridor.
7) There will be plenty of ventilation, with doors and windows kept open
8) Instead of passing the Collection bag around the church, offerings will now be collected in a box near to the door. 
9) Everyone will have their temperature taken on entry with a contactless thermometer.  Those with a fever will be asked to go home.
10)  Everyone is required to give contact information for track and trace, in case anyone present is later discovered to have COVID.
11) If you feel unwell, have a new cough or temperature, please stay at home and do not come to church
12) Unfortunately, Singing is not permitted during the service except for those leading the worship.
13) Mingling with other households is also not permitted at the current time. 
14) At the current time whilst schools are closed, we are not able to run Sunday school during the church service.   Instead, for those children who are happy to remain with their parents during the preaching, we will provide a small activity pack for each child to help keep them happy during the preaching.  There will also be the possibility for parents to take their children into the small hall, where there are lots of toys that their children can play with.  The service will be broadcast live onto the TV screen there, so that the parents can watch the talk whilst their children play.  Please note, we won’t provide any leaders to monitor this area.  You will need to take responsibility for your own children if you go to the small hall.  

Risk of Inhaling the Virus

This potentially affects all users. Risk Level Medium.

Signage throughout the building and garden will encourage people to maintain social distance.

Face covering are now compulsory for public meetings in indoor spaces. Church staff and volunteers will encourage users to wear their face covering and provide one if they haven’t got one.

A One way system will be in place for the use of the toilets.  Users will exit the toilets via the door of the clinic building to avoid the bottle neck of the corridor from the church to the waiting room. 

The meeting hall will be kept well ventilated with doors and windows kept open.

Chairs will be set up 1m plus apart. However chairs can be moved to allow those coming in family bubbles to sit together

In accordance with government guidelines, there will be no singing apart from by one person. Singers will be a good distance away from the congregation and separated from each other by means of a perspex screen.

Picking up the virus from surfaces

This potentially affects all users. Risk Level Medium.

Door handles, toilets and other touchable surfaces are regularly cleaned.  Users are encouraged to clean the toilet after use.

Disposable cups will be used for tea or coffee, which will be made and distributed by one person.

Contact Details

Please feel free to be in contact with us if you have any questions or concerns or if we can help you in any way.

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