Risk Assessment for meetings at King’s Church Beverley

Risk Assessment Form          King’s Church Hall  Date updated 4th December 2020

Identify the hazards   Decide who may be harmed Evaluate the risks & decide on precautions Hazard Level
Inhaling the COVID Virus All users Signage throughout the building and garden will encourage people to maintain social distance and use hand sanitizer located around the room.   Face covering are now compulsory for public meetings in indoor spaces. Church staff and volunteers will encourage users to wear their face covering and provide one if they haven’t got one.   A One way system will be in place for the use of the toilets.  Users will exit the toilets via the door of the clinic building to avoid the bottle neck of the corridor from the church to the waiting room.    The meeting hall will be kept well ventilated with doors and windows kept open.   Chairs will be set up at 2m apart where possible. However chairs can be moved to allow those coming in family bubbles to sit together.  1m plus with a face covering is also acceptable if 2m is not possible   In accordance with government guidelines, there will be no singing apart from by the music group at the front of the hall.   Singers will be distanced from each other or separated by a Perspex screen. They will use microphones to prevent them from singing too loudly.  They will be located around 4 metres from any of the public.    The entrance area of the church will be controlled by ushers and also screens to form a corridor to prevent people loitering and chatting by the coffee bar area.  As soon as people enter, they will be shown to their seat by an usher.   Each participant will have their temperature taken by a contactless thermometer on entry to the building.  If their temperature is raised, they will be asked to leave.   Whilst under Tier Three restrictions There will be no coffee or tea served after the service and people will be encouraged to leave the building as soon as the service is ended.   Med
Picking up the virus from surfaces   All users Door handles, toilets and other touchable surfaces are regularly cleaned.  Users are encouraged to clean the toilet after use.   Chairs will be quarantined between groups and rotated where possible, or cleaned so that clean chairs will be out in the hall for each meeting.   Disposable cups will be used for tea or coffee, which will be made and distributed by one person.   Signage encourages users to clean toilets and handles after use. Low
Minor Injuries All users There is a first aid box available in the church  It is recommended that there is always a trained first-aider available at meetings. Low
Fire risk All users   There is an extremely low risk of fire. The building is fitted with a regularly maintained fire system.  The fire exits should always be kept clear and not obstructed.  There are fire extinguishers throughout the building and signs indicating exit routes.  Low
Track & Trace All users Names and contact details will be recorded of all participants.  These will be kept for 3 weeks before being destroyed.  There is a specific QR code for the building which users with the NHS app will be encouraged to scan on entry. Low