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John writes for August

Have you noticed that not everything the majority believe is correct. Even amongst believers. Remember when Moses sent the 12 leaders to spy out the promised land. These men were chosen as being “leaders of God’s people”. Yet when the challenges of their spiritual walk became too great, they allowed fear to overcome faith. “We can’t enter the land. The people living there are giants. They will kill us”, they said. Ten thought they shouldn’t do it. The risks were too high. The chance of success too low. Two believed in the God of the impossible.

Do you also remember what Jesus said in John’s gospel after he had fed the 5000. He told the crowd; “ truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.” It was a hard saying, challenging and very politically incorrect. It seemed narrow, exclusive and intolerant. Not something that you hear preached in many churches today. John recorded that “ From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.” (John 6, 66).

Are you someone who dares to believe God, even though the situation seems impossible? Or are you one of those who complain, turn back and opt for a safer course? And what about us as a congregation? Will we continue, as we have until now, to do things that seem ridiculously risky, in the mind of many? Like build new facilities? Run expensive buses when we are only a small congregation. And what for the future? Will we continue to attempt things that will be a disaster unless God intervenes with a miracle to make it all come right!

Today, I had an interesting afternoon. I was scheduled to meet with the youth officer from ERVAS (the council funded organisation that supports charity and community work in the town). The lady wanted to look at the bus and to see what we were doing with it. By the end of our meeting, she was encouraging me to apply for tens of thousands of pounds of funding to fund for a youth worker who could work not only with our youth projects but also someone who could lead special youth projects throughout the towns and villages of the East Riding, using our bus as a mobile youth outreach centre. I came away from the meeting feeling a bit excited and but also daunted. I was just settling back into my office when I had a phone call from the owner of Acklams coaches. Did we want a luxury 55 seater coach for our School project in Africa? He would give us one if we did. I popped round the corner to see the coach and marvelled at this low mileage coach in seemingly perfect condition! Strange, just after a meeting on the bus about using our bus across the county! Then, I just returned back to my office I had another phone call. This time from someone who had visited our church twice a few years ago. He rang to say that he had been inspired by what we were doing that he felt he should give us a couple hundred pounds! Put the afternoon together and it was like God was saying to me; “Just believe. I can do greater things than you can ask or imagine. Believe in me. Money is no problem. Resources are no problem. Workers can be supplied. Just keep pushing forward to take the promised land. Don’t turn back through fear. Don’t settle for “normal” when you could live in the miraculous. Keep believing.

August Sunday Meetings

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August  2019

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Sun 4th 6.30pm  Beverley Churches Together Prayer Meeting

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