1st Nov 2015 Tim&Josie Waters   Living in Christ and speaking his Word

5th June 2016  Chris Butt        What’s in a name?

21st August 2016  Chris Butt   Psalm 23

15th October 2017  Reward 

Guest Speakers

27th August 2017  Mark Bimson

2nd April 2017 Anne Lie Anderson  A New Day

2nd April 2017 Anne Lie Anderson  Fanning the Flames of Revival

19th March 2017 Hinrik Thorsteinsson  

5th March 2017  Jarrod Cooper –  Fanning the Flames of revival

5th March 2017 Dave Bartle 

9th October 2016  Angie Lendon – Crossing into our promised land

2nd October 2016   Nabil from Bridlington Christ Church 

12th June 2016 Tim & Annette Jarvis  Annette’s Testimony        Tim – Apprehending Heaven

5th June 2016  Christine Butt   What’s in a name?

15th May 2016 Cathy Beynon and Andrea BSCT Beverley Schools Christian Trust

15th May 2016 Cathy Beynon Who is watching your life?

8th May 2016 Michel Ouedraogo My God is faithful

2nd April 2016 Anne Lie  How to contend for revival

3rd April 2016 Anne Lie   A healing church

29 Nov 2015  Angie Lendon   Digging Fresh Wells of Revival

22nd Nov 2015 Rachel Hickson  Contending for Revival

27th Sept 2015 – Alan Botterill  The Challenge of Revival 

18th Oct 2015 – Michel Ouedraogo  Look to Jesus