Vision & Values

Our vision is to be a church full of the presence, the power and the love of God, that is bringing something of heaven into every household in our community.

To be a church where hundreds partake in passionate, spirit-filled worship in an atmosphere charged with the presence of God.

To be a people of faith among whom the supernatural is commonplace; where healings, answers to prayer and divine interventions are experienced daily.

To be a church where every member reaches the fullness of their potential in their character and gifting; where all are actively engaged in building the Kingdom of God.

To be a church in which strong, sacrificial prayer is the foundation that under-girds everything that happens.

To be a growing family of all ages who love and support each other; whose personal and family lives are models of love, happiness, peace and purpose to those around them.

To be a community of love that is reaching into every corner of our town, helping people from every age group, every social class, every street and every walk of life to see that they are special to God.

To be a church that is working in the towns and villages of East Yorkshire to strengthen and refresh other churches, to build up believers and to reach those that are outside the church with the Christian message.

To be a “mission-minded” church that is strategic and sacrificial in its endeavours to strengthen churches, disciple believers, bless the poor, transform communities and reach the un-reached in other nations of the world.

Our Values

What sort of church are we aiming to become? What values are important to us?

* A Worshiping Church; Seeing deep and intimate worship as the prime calling of the church and it’s central activity.

* A Presence-based Church; Helping people to experience the reality of God’s tangible presence; Teaching them how to hear God’s voice for themselves; and showing them how to receive the spiritual power that enables victorious living.

* A Praying Church; Valuing prayer as the foundation that holds up every aspect of the church’s life and work, and prioritising it as a key ministry activity for each member.

* A Loving Church; Helping individuals and families to discover that they are special to God and giving each member, from the youngest to the oldest the nurturing care that enables them to move forward in their personal journey.

* A Teaching Church; Giving clear, biblical discipleship to help each person understand the fullness of what God wants for their lives and to empower them to change their experience so that it mirrors the model of the Bible.

* A Serving Church; Helping each person to discover their own gifts and calling. and providing the support that will enable them to be fruitful in their unique ministry within the body of Christ.

* A Prophetic Church; Valuing the importance of the prophetic in church life; in the leadership, the worship, the pastoral care, prayer and evangelism of the Church.

* A Mission Church – recognising our calling to take the gospel message to every person in Beverley, as well as being active in taking the full blessings of God’s Kingdom to the poor overseas, especially in Africa.

* A Healing Church; Having a strong emphasis on healing; both the healing of life’s hurts as well as the miraculous physical healing of sickness and disease.

* A Giving Church; Recognising that God uses the same measure to give to us that we have used for others, we aim to be a church that gives of its time, people and money to help other people, churches and ministries in this area and abroad.