Small Hall

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Small Hall
The small hall is suitable for a wide variety of functions, including excercise classes, mums & toddlers classes,talks, meetings, parties, quizes  and  games evenings. It is floored with commercial lino, giving a clean, soft and strong surface, suitable for crawling toddlers, chairs, stiletto heels or anything in between! The hall has a total available floor area of 36 square metres and is fully accessible for the disabled including 2 toilets (1 disabled). It has a Small kitchen with 4 gas hobs an oven and a microwave, along with a kettle, sink, hot & cold water, cups, small plates & glasses.  There is also an aluminium serving trolley on wheels.
The small hall is accessed from the garden via a concrete path, and is adjascent to plenty of free parking.
The maximum number of people permitted is; Standing 40; Seated in rows; 30

Sadly we do not accept bookings for children’s parties

Available for use with the Small Hall

Up to 30 chairs

6 Large tables 3 small tables

Kettle, cups and sink for washing up with hot and cold water

1 Disabled toilet with Baby Change facility

1 normal toilet

Large lawn with slides, climbing frames & other children’s equipment

Plenty of free parking

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