Prayer Teaching

The teaching below is all by John Beynon, the leader of the East Riding House of prayer and senior pastor of King’s Church Beverley, unless otherwise stated.

Being a Watchman 17th February 2019

Why a House of Prayer 2019 The Series of teaching on prayer below was given to inspire those who really want to grow as an intercessor.  The series was called “Anna Training”, inspired by the prophetess Anna, mentioned in Luke 2, 36-38.

1 – Living in Prayer

2 – Growing in Prayer

3 – Why Worship?

4a – The Priestly Ministry part one

4b – The Priestly Ministry part two

5 – Fasting and Repentance

6 – Fasting and the Nazirite Vow

7 – Routine versus Anointing

8 – Praying the word of God   Other Teaching on Prayer

How to have encounters with God

Prayer and Fasting

Psalm 57

Recovering your stolen inheritance