John Beynon Sermons

Sharing your faith

6th Dec 2015   The power of an ordinary life

3rd Jan 2016    Overcoming Barrenness  (click on link below)

17th Jan 2016     The Christian Gospel – Saved from hell 

7th Feb 2016      Why does God allow suffering?

21st Feb 2016    Do all religions lead to God?

6th March 2016  Jesus – unique in all history

20th March 2016  Is the Bible full of errors and contradictions?

27th March 2016   Risen in Power   (click on the link below)

17th April 2016   Natural Evangelism – on the road to Emmaus


19th June 2016    Praying for the destiny of our nation

3rd July 2016       Raising up Altars of Prayer

7th Feb 2017       The Nazarite Vow

 2 May 2017        Praying God’s way  

6th June 2017     Praying the Word of God 


17th July 2016   How to have encounters with God – from the life of Elijah

7th Aug 2016     Humility – Revival

4th Sept 2016    Abiding in Jesus

18th Sept 2016  Healing

6th Nov 2016     The four living creatures – The Ox

20th Nov 2016   The four living creatures – The Eagle

4th Dec 2016     Made in the image of God


15th January 2017   Isaiah  (1)  God is doing a new thing

5th February 2017   Isaiah (2) 

7th May 2017           Isaiah (3) 

23 July 2017    Isaiah (4)