About Prayer Subjects Schedule Prayer Teaching

The Prayer House Sessions are currently;

Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

8am – 8.45am;   Worship plus intercession based on the psalm of the day and the daily prayer subject


Short worship plus intercession based on the bible reading of the day and the daily prayer subject

Due to the COVID pandemic, it is not possible to come to the prayer house in person.  Meetings are currently held on Zoom.

To join, go to Zoom.us and enter meeting ID 794 472 151 and enter password Jesus

Or click the link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/794472151 and then enter password Jesus

Pursuing His Presence – Regional Prayer

On the first Friday evening of each month, Churches from across the East Riding of Yorkshire come together to worship, pray, Seek God and contend for Revival.  This is currently held on Zoom and also in person, in a different town each month.  For current details email;  john@kingschurchbeverley.org