Why Care for Israel Discussion Questions

Study one

1) How interested are you in Israel? 

  • What do you know about the country today?
  • How often do you pray for Israel?

2) What do you think about God choosing just one nation to be the conduit of His revelation and blessing to the earth?

3) How much do you identify with the Jewish roots of your faith?

4) Which areas of the talk today particularly challenged the way that you think?

5) In what ways do you think God wants us to change in order to become the “one new race of humanity” talked about in Ephesians 2, 14?

Study two

1) How much did you already know about the history of the Jewish people?  What shocked you the most from today’s session?

2) Why do you think God allowed the Jews to be scattered all across the world?

3) How do you think great Christian leaders could have been so deceived in regards to their views on the Jews?  Do you think it is possible that we could be deceived today?  In what ways?  How can we seek to avoid such deception?

4) In what ways might the church today be guilty of similar behavior in trying to spread its message?

5) What promises can you think of in the Bible that specifically refer not to you or the Church but to Israel and the Jewish people? When is it right for you to claim them for yourself, and when is it not right?

6) What do you think you could do to make “restitution” for the sins of the church towards the Jews in the past?

Study three

1)  What lessons can we learn from the Jews in terms of keeping our faith alive in times of difficulties?

2) What do you think is remarkable about the prophecies of the Jewish return in the Old Testament?

3) What do you think Britain should have done given the situation in Palestine during the British Mandate?

4) What lessons can we learn from British rule or mis-rule in Palestine?

5) What do you think are some of the obstacles to revival for our nation?

Study four

1) What particularly struck you from the video?

2) Why do you think God chose the land of Israel to be His land?

3) Why do you think God sometimes works by strengthening people and blessing the work of their hands, whilst at other times He just intervenes and does the work by Himself? Which is the most miraculous?  Which do you think we need most of in the world today?

4) What practical lessons do you think the Church could learn from today’s session?

5) The session showed us how much God is leading and blessing His people, Israel.  Do you think it is possible for us to live in such a blessing?  What do you think we have to do to attain it?

6)What supernatural  miracles have you experienced in your life? Have you ever experienced any miracles of God’s supernatural protection, blessing or His strengthening you in a battle?

Study five

 1)  What particularly struck you from the video?

2) We talked about Abraham bringing forth a mixed legacy.  To what extent do you think the legacy of the church is mixed?  What is good and what is bad? What Ishmaels is the church having today?

3) What do you think is God’s answer for the Palestinian people & their land?

4) In what ways do you think Israel should change its behavior?

5) What should we pray for the Palestinian people?  What should we be praying for the Arab peoples?

Study six

1) What particularly struck you from the video?

2) Which of the 12 Biblical reasons do you think are the least understood or the most ignored in the church today?

3) The Bible commands us to pray for Israel and in particular for Jerusalem.   What should we be praying about?

4) In what ways do you think the church could or should change to try and put some of the “Jewish” elements back in?

5) Are you ready for times of persecution?  How far would you be willing to go in your support of Israel or your witness for Christ?

6) What can you do to try help redress the wide-spread negative opinion of Israel?

7) What are you most looking forward to about the future?  What are you looking forward to the least?