Church Values Course

Church Values Course

8 lessons that will

· ignite your spiritual passion
· teach you how to encounter God and to hear his voice
· give you power to live a supernatural life
· enable you to minister effectively in the church and the world

Who is this course for?

· Those who are looking at joining King’s Church Beverley
· Those from other churches who want to grow in the supernatural and to see their spiritual life catch fire

Topics Covered will include;

Church – a place of encounter with God; The characters of the Bible had deep & meaningful experiences with God. So should we. This study teaches us how to meet with God and how to stay connected with Him at all times.

A Supernatural Church; God wants heaven to invade the earth. In this study we look at the supernatural life-style that God offers us and learn how to make it our own. We’ll take a tour of some of the amazing things that God promises to give us, with a special focus on the area of health and healing.

A Praying Church; We look at how God calls his people to passionate, persevering and purposeful prayer, and see how prayer is the key to fruitfulness. We learn how to pray more effectively and how to pray in the Spirit.

A Church with a mission; God loves everyone in our community. He has an answer to their hurt, confusion and pain. As we experience more of His love, we start to want to share that love with others. This study gives some practical ways of doing that effectively.

A Prophetic Church; In this study we learn how to hear from God more clearly and how to distinguish the voice of God from other “voices” in our minds. We also look at the issue of prophetic words and learn how to receive a prophetic word, as well as how (and how not!) to give one.

A Serving Church; This study aims to help each individual identify and strengthen their own personal and spiritual gifts so that they can fulfill their personal destiny. We also take a look at how the church can function as a body and how each member can find their own place within it.

Baptism, Vision and Partnership; We study what the Bible teaches on baptism and its implications for our life. We also take a look at the vision of King’s Church Beverley and explain our concept of partnership for those wishing to join the church.

A Giving Church; In this study we look at the Bible’s teaching on money. We see how God wants to bless us financially but also how he calls us to bless others. We also think about how much we rely on money and are directed by it, to the detriment of our faith. We learn how to break free from the love of money and see how we can develop a burning heart and a generous spirit.

The course is run as a small group in a home and is led by John Beynon. Each evening will consist of biblical teaching, discussion and a chance to experiment with and experience something of the reality of what we are studying (learning by doing).

To enrol contact the church office at or ring 01482 870490